Monday, September 3, 2012

There's an angel among us!

This summer was busy for the CAC/CCT with Harry Potter in June and then our high school and college summer shows in the black box in July. 

This summer was HOT. As in extremely warm. The air conditioner in the black box decided to quit during the worst of the summer heat in July. I was proud of our cast of "Collective Dating" for going on with the show in spite of the lack of AC. We had fans running and doors open and cold water available for the audience and actors. I think every one in the place lost about 5 pounds each night. The shows were great and the actors did a wonderful job. We warned the audience that the ACwas broken and we didn't have the $1300 to get it fixed. We had a donation jar for the AC and garnered $185- which we were extremely grateful for! But it wasn't enough to get the job done.

During the two weeks between shows we got a phone call from an anonymous person who said- call and get the AC fixed and I will have a check for you for the amount by the end of the week! The cast of "Fresh Brewed" was very appreciative of the cooler climate for rehearsals and the audience was too!

So- THANK YOU to the angel who heard about our plight and gave us the money to get the air conditoner fixed. Thank you from all of us at the Black Box Studio Theatre!

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