Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Nightmare on Main Street

Things are coming together very well for our first ever attempt at a haunted house. We have been kicking around making a haunted house for a few years and this year I met a couple of amazing people who were a huge help during Harry Potter this summer. So now I am cob-web deep in making a haunted house.

The response from the community has been wonderful. We have collected over $800 in sponsorships from area businesses so we could afford to purchase things we need to make this haunted house the best ever. We also have a couple of businesses who have donated materials and in-kind items for the haunted house.

So far we have 7 rooms designed, built and almost finished. My favorite thing to do is to "decorate" scenes when we do shows. So I am in my element decorating these haunted rooms. We are still looking for some more actors and safety people to be in the haunted house during its four night run. If this is successful I am pretty positive that this will become an annual event.

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