Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Murder at Mardi Gras

February 24th and 25th the Community Theatre will be presenting an audience interactive murder mystery at the Santa Maria Winery. We are still looking for two men and one woman to be in the show. If you are interested or need more information please contact me.


The Scene: The Grand Ballroom of the DuPre Chateau on the evening of the Krewe of Midas Masquerade Ball
There is a mystery afoot in the Big Easy- The Krewe of Midas King, Pierre DuPre, has been murdered, strangled with a set of Mardi Gras beads.  Pierre was always suspicious of those looking to sink their claws into his fortune. Was it the greed of those around him that put old Pierre in the grave? His beloved family members, friends and neighbors have now become suspects in this Garden District murder.

Mathew Gator” Crovitz: A boy from the Bayou who worked his way through law school; He is madly in love with Alexis DuPre. (Costume: A preppy college outfit mixed with a fisherman/outdoors man outfit. Props: a net, fishing pole and some law books.)

Alexis DuPre: Pierre’s socialite daughter; a southern belle and reigning “Magnolia Queen” at Dixie University. (Costume: a ball gown, tiara and sash)

Bourbon DuPre: A jazz musician from the French Quarter. (Costume: A tuxedo or simply slacks and a flashy vest over a button down shirt and a bowler hat trumpet or a saxophone. Or you can go all out and wear an outrageous Mardi Gras costume with gold, green and purple.)

Melissa F. DuPre:  Pierre DuPre’s new wife from Las Vegas. (Costume: A flashy outfit that is as trampy as it is tacky. A feathered boa is a must)

Connika Gothika:  An eccentric novelist and Pierre DuPre’s next door neighbor. (Costume: all dressed in black with long black wig and dark makeup and jewelry)

J. Stephen Peek: The DuPre family attorney and Pierre DuPre’s closest friend and confidant. (Costume: A simple suit and tie and a briefcase)

Cayenne Pepper: The DuPre family chef and aspiring TV star. (Costume: White coat, apron and a chef’s hat. Cooking utensils and a cookbook)

Elise St. Gresch: The young and attractive live in maid at the DuPre Chateau. (Costume: French maid or a little black dress with a white apron and a feather duster)