Friday, September 2, 2011

Oh the times they are a changing.....

I have been involved in the arts in my rural Iowa community for over 30 years. I started out playing  Mrs Rook- a bird- in The Great Cross Country Race.
It was my first taste of theatre and it left me craving more....

...and here I am president of the Carroll Arts Council/Community Theatre.

What a journey it has been.
Started out performing shows in the old Carroll High School Auditorium or at the Elk's Club. Then the Recreation Center Theatre was built and we performed there. Nice facility but it's getting harder to fill 400 seats and scheduling can be very frustrating.

 Now we have the Black Box Studio. It's not glamorous nor is it top of the line state of the art -BUT- it is intimate and all ours to use whenever we want. We rehearse there and perform there. We also let other groups use it for small performances.

The times have indeed changed- it's getting harder to find people who are willing to volunteer their time to put on a BIG MUSICAL!  I understand that- two parents working, kids involved in more activities than were available 30 years ago and musicals are very time consuming.

So things are changing some more- here are two of the changes we have to make the arts accessible to more people-

  • Once Upon a Time - this is an opportunity for kids in grades 4th-8th to work with one of our seasoned players to learn all about acting and producing a play with hands on experiences in all aspects of the production form auditioning, character development, costumes, make-up and set design.
  • Acting Out! - a group of performers available for corporate entertainments with several options from murder mystery dinner theatre to small musical revues.
Come play with us!

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